Stop and Give Yourself a Break.

Stop. You. Yes you, right there, right now.

Put down your phone, don’t click that next link.

Make yourself a cup of tea, sit down and enjoy it.

Try not to think about which tea will give you the most health benefits or will make you thinner. Choose the tea you enjoy.

Don’t choose the mug that will look the best on instagram. Don’t spend the next three minutes taking twenty pictures of your tea so that you can filter, edit and share your ‘me time’ moment for the most likes.

Better still, put your phone down. Put it in another room if you can. Take five minutes to be you.

To be you. As you are. In this moment.

You, in this moment are everything you need.

You don’t need more money, a better bum, a partner or anything else to make you whole.

You, as you are right now, are perfect. You already have everything inside you to make your dreams come true.

Start small. Next steps.

Give these five minutes to yourself. Drink your tea and give yourself a break.

All my love, L xx

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