Beyond Dry January: 5 Tips to Make the Most of Life Alcohol Free

Beyond Dry January

Beyond Dry January. You’ve done the month alcohol free. You get to have a drink now. Woo ….?

I started my journey to alcohol free doing Dry January back in 2014, and whilst there have been many ups and downs along the way I’m now living life happily without booze.

If you’re thinking about extending your alcohol free period for a few months, or maybe even a lifetime, you’re not the only one!  Although it might feel like it sometimes, taking a break from boozing or living life AF is becoming increasingly popular. If you’re planning on extending your Dry January streak, or have decided to live long term without booze, read on for my top 5 tips on making the most out of your time alcohol free.

  1. Beyond Dry January, get comfortable with your decision not to drink

Why are you extending your alcohol free period beyond Dry January or deciding to live life alcohol free? Do you want to lose weight? Save Money? Be more productive? Take time to consider why you want to continue experiencing life alcohol free and write it down to stay on track when your motivation wanes. Recording how much money you are saving and how much you are (not) drinking through the Dry January app is also a great way to stay inspired & see how much you money (and calories) you have saved through not drinking.

  1. Don’t skip the pub (or social events)

Unless you want to that is! Don’t feel like not drinking means you have to stay at home forever more. Make the most of social events, and the pub, by deciding what you are going to have to drink beforehand and going home when it gets boring. Remind yourself why you’ve decided to extend your Dry January challenge before going out for extra motivation.

  1. Make the most of hangover free mornings

What do you love to do but often don’t have time for? Take time out in the morning to do something you enjoy doing – like going for a run, spending time with your kids, or having a leisurely breakfast – to make the most of time you may have previously spent hungover or in bed.

  1. Embrace Community

You are not the only one not drinking. Let me say that again. You are not the only one not drinking! It might feel like it when you are out with your friends but lots of people are trying life alcohol free and enjoying the benefits that come with it. Social media (love it or hate it) means you can connect with people all over the world and there are some great online communities you can get involved in, I recommend One Year No Beer & Club Soda for lots of likeminded supportive folks (and if you want more support to stop drinking, take a look at my post 5 Alcohol Free Resources here).

  1. Remember drinking (and not drinking) does not define you

Drinking, or not drinking, is just one tiny part of your life and your decisions. You are still you, with or without the booze. Your decision not to drink may be the only thing people seem to talk to you about for the first few weeks post January but they will get bored of asking you and you will get used to it! Focus on all the stuff you are doing, all of the fun you are having and the things that make you great and keep going for as long as it feels right for you.

All my love, L xx

I’ve adapted this from an article I wrote for Dry January, find out more about their Dry January and Beyond campaign here

Beyond Dry January

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  1. February 1, 2017 / 7:34 AM

    I had to stop drinking due to medication changes about a year ago. Even though I never was that much of a drinker, maybe a glass of wine here or there, I thought I would miss it so much. It’s interesting how intricately tied into our social lives alcohol can be, or at least how much we perceive it to be. Much to my surprise, I didn’t miss it that much at all. I went to the pub with my friends and still had just as much fun. I enjoyed everything else just as much as I once did with alcohol. Sure there were days when I was stressed out and thought “Man, I would love a glass of wine”, but they were few and far between and I easily found some other way to destress.
    Interesting read, and interesting campaign. I look forward to looking further into it.

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