Want to Stop Drinking? These 5 “Alcohol Free” Resources might Help

Not drinking – and/or when you want to stop drinking but haven’t – can sometimes feel like a lonely place.

Facing your relationship with alcohol, whether making the decision to stop drinking entirely or deciding to implement a more mindful relationship with alcohol, goes against our social norm.

Life without alcohol is a better life for me, my choices are more intentional and every day I work towards my long-term dreams and goals. 

My focus is not on staying sober, it is on living and being happy.

It took a while to get here and it took a long time for me to realise that one of the reasons I wanted to drink, and potentially the main reason I found it difficult to stop drinking at first, was because I associated drinking with companionship. I felt unlovable and was subconsciously convinced that my friends, my colleagues, and my family wouldn’t like me without the booze! I used alcohol as the glue for my relationships and the thought of not having alcohol scared me.

Would I lose friends? Would I still be fun (I know now that I am and there’s plenty of ways to have fun & celebrate without booze)

Who would I talk to about not drinking when all my friends, colleagues and family still drink? Would I feel even more alone?

Know that you are not alone if you want to stop drinking and there is plenty out there to support you on your journey.

I’ve found community to be so important and friends and the recommendations below have been key to me enjoying and sticking with my alcohol free journey. Just yesterday I posted in one of the group’s as I was stressing before the Christmas Party and the support and guidance I received was invaluable – and not drinking on the night was actually easy!

Below are the movements and resources that I have interacted with throughout my journey so far, it is subjective & so personal but they have helped and inspired me enormously.

UK Based

One Year No Beer These guys pulled me in last January as I started to explore my relationship with alcohol and its connection with my depression. I found them through Mind Body Green and have been an active member ever since.

Great for if you want to take a break from drinking, they offer 30, 90 and 365 day challenges with email support, have a great website, podcast & a fantastic (and very active) Facebook group. Find them here.

Club Soda Another UK community. Club Soda have a great website, host regular Sunday webinars and events in London. They also have a very active facebook group with plenty of like minded people on hand to offer their anecdotes and advice. Check them out now.

US Based

Hip Sobriety Holly’s website is a fantastic resource wherever you are in the world. The Hip Sobriety Manifesto speaks to me, as do her posts around creating your sober toolkit, and her blog is super honest. I’ve recently invested in her 40 day manifesto course which is an email based course which sends you an email daily (first thing in the morning) including an affirmation to work with throughout the day. This course has been a fantastic resource for me throughout the festive season and I couldn’t recommend it enough. Find Hip Sobriety here.

Home Podcast I’m the sort of person who immerses herself in whatever it is I’m interested in (note this blog) and having a podcast to listen too alongside the other resources I’ve listed has been super helpful for me. Run by Holly from Hip Sobriety and Laura McKowen – who also has a great blog – this open, honest podcast is very accessible, covers many topics related to life alcohol free and features interviews with many women (and men) who work around the topic. Listen here.

Annie Grace, The Naked Mind Last but not least, I found Annie Grace through her book The Naked Mind (I’ll write more on this in a book podcast) and I highly recommend her work. With a full time marketing job, I find her so relatable, and her website and emails are a great place to go to for support.

Let me know if you have found any other resources helpful & I’ll check them out! Having read my way into life alcohol free, I wrote about books that changed my life here – they may help change yours too. 

All my love, L xx


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