Enjoy a Sober Autumn with these 5 Essential Tips

Today I have a guest post from the lovely Amy: 5 tips to make the most of a Sober Autumn! 

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Read on and enjoy, and let me know if you have any tips for a Sober Autumn!

Sober Autumn


Here are Amy’s 5 top tips to help you enjoy a sober autumn:

1.Go Sober for October

No, this isn’t just a casual tip – Go Sober for October is something many people across the country take part in (and something you may have already started) , in attempt to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. If you’re looking for a reason to give up alcohol for autumn, this is the perfect excuse.

Get a sponsor form and ask your friends and family to donate for the cause. It’s a great reason to go sober, especially when raising awareness of something so necessary and close to the hearts of a lot of people. And, once the month is over, you may realise just how easy it is to go without drinking!

(L’s note: read my tips for a Sober October here) 

2.Be Mindful at Halloween parties

 You can count on many Halloween parties cropping up this season, and with that comes the opportunity to have a tipple or two. Don’t give into temptation – it’s easy to fall into, but you can easily have just as much fun going sober. After all, it’s more about trick or treating (or fancy dress!) than it is about drinking.

Be sure to get into the spirit and distract yourself with other fun opportunities, such as dressing up, decorating and, as previously mentioned, trick or treating ­– maybe with the little ones – or friends who are still kids at heart! There are plenty of ways to enjoy the season without a drink.

3. Tell your friends and family you are having a Sober Autumn

 It helps if you have a solid support system understanding that you’re trying to have a sober Autumn. When those around you are pressuring you into having “just one”, it becomes a lot harder to resist – and could be the catalyst for a slippery slope.

If you have understanding peers around you, you’ll find it to be a lot easier to go without – especially if they actively encourage you to avoid it. Things are always easier when you have people on your side.  

(L’s note: more tips on the early days of stopping drinking here)

4.Distract yourself and have fun with outdoor activities

There’s an abundance of outdoor activities to take part in during autumn – from pumpkin carving to a simple walk as the weather gets colder and the leaves start to brown, it’s the perfect time to get outside as it isn’t yet too cold to be uncomfortable.

And remember, remember, the fifth of November – Bonfire Night falls in the very middle of autumn, so be sure to venture out and watch your nearest firework display. There are some incredible shows all over the country, so be sure to research and find the best one for you.

5. Lead yourself into the winter (and get excited!)

Start the preparations for winter and Christmas in autumn for another distraction. It helps to be ready early, so be on the hunt for those presents and ensure you’ve got the necessary decorations in order before the season is upon you – it comes round much quicker than you may expect!

Be sure to get your winter wardrobe in check, too – layers are in this season, and retailers such as Debenhams have plenty of money-saving offers to get you the perfect winter outfits for less. Begin your preparations – and maybe spend some of the money you’ve saved through not drinking – to distract yourself from an autumn tipple.

There are plenty of ways to distract yourself this autumn and prevent any drinking – and a sober season is a lot more fun than you may anticipate. So long as you consider these tips, you’ll be on your way for a very easy and fun-filled Sober Autumn.

Do you have your own tips for a Sober Autumn? Let me know in the comments below!


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