6 Inspiring Women You Should Follow on Instagram

who to follow on instagram

Who to follow on Instagram – fill your feeds with positivity and follow these five inspiring women!

I have a love hate connection with social media right now. My brain flitters from: how the heck did people spend their time twenty years ago to must-see-whats-happening-on-instagram within the space of a minute.

Every once in a while I’ll put my phone in the drawer and declare I’m going tech free, before slowly picking it back up.

My phone, social media, managing my Instagram usage – topics for another time … but one thing that makes my internet usage so compelling is the many inspiring women that fill up my feeds.

Instagram is my favourite phone hangout (as proven by the time spent on the app every day) and I have filled my feed with women who light up their own worlds.

A few years ago, I obsessively followed a lot of ‘fitspo’ accounts – “learning” from others about the best way to stay slim (whilst staying on the wine). This spoke to my mental health at the time, I was consumed by what I looked like, by exercise and working out excessively. It was not good for my mental health.

Unfollowing the accounts that made me feel bad, and adding in accounts that made me feel good – has improved my relationship with social media and with myself.

So who to follow on Instagram? Here are 6 of my Follow Faves:

Lucy Sheridan

Self-titled as ‘The Comparison Free Coach’, Lucy’s feed is full of wisdom for living life as YOUR best self. You really get the sense that she is in your corner, and her Instagram stories are brilliant – insights into how to make social media work for you and to create a life that you love.

who to follow on instagram

Follow Lucy Now

 Joey Bradford (Mother Heart)

Lovely, lovely Joey. The kindest most open hearted sober warrior you could hope to meet, find Joey over at Mother Heart on Instagram. Joey came into my life via her book The Inner Fix, which she wrote with Persia Lawson as part of Addictive Daughter. It is a wonderful book, I wrote more about it in this blog post, which you should definitely read. Mother Heart on Instagram is an insightful follow, Joey posts about faith, life and her sobriety.

who to follow on instagram

Follow Mother Heart Now


Mel Wells

Add some fun into your Instagram feed. Mel’s love for life is totally infectious! From living in Bali, now she is back in London and yet every day is still an adventure. Mel writes about loving your body, and your life – and she wrote the best-selling book The Goddess Revolution. Her Instagram feed is an extension of that philosophy, and she’ll bring you along for the journey.

who to follow on instagram

Follow Mel Wells Now


Jody Shield

I was trying to remember how I came across Jody for the first time and I’ve traced it back to a Light Grid workshop at Soho House many years ago. Jody’s work has evolved since then (although it still includes wonderful light work) and her feed is like having your own empowerment coach in your Instagram feed.

who to follow on instagram

Follow Jody Shield Now

Gracie Francesca

Coined as The Internet’s Big Sister, Gracie is a favourite follow for her style choices and her open dialogue about her mental health. Alongside street style-shots are make-up free selfies and body positive conversations. Gracie’s account is honest and beautiful, a favourite quote from one of her recent posts: “when you realise that your purpose in life is to heal yourself and then help to heal others, you begin to look at your body differently”. Follow Grace add some (often much needed) authenticity to your feed.

who to follow on instagram

Follow Gracie Francesca Now

Catherine Gray (Unexpected Joy)

Some might call me biased, but I’d just say I am incredibly lucky to know Catherine Gray in real life. It just means she gets to inspire me twice over. Cath wrote the bestselling book The Unexpected Joy of Getting Sober, and her Instagram account @unexpectedjoyof is a fabulous addition to this. Cath’s wise words have encouraged me through many a tough window and this account is an insight into just how wonderful a sober life can be.

Follow Catherine Gray Now

So these are my six recommendations of who to follow on instagram – and the women I’m loving following right now! Who are your favourite instagram follows? Let me know in the comments below or head over to instagram and chat to me there …

Thanks for reading, L xxx

who to follow on instagram
who to follow on instagram