6 Female Accounts to Follow on Instagram for Fitness Inspiration

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If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now, you know I have a love-hate relationship with social media, especially when it comes to ‘fitspiration’ or ‘fitspo’ accounts. In my blog on inspiring women to follow on Instagram, I stated that fitspo accounts are, ironically, a little uninspiring. They can make a person (and me!) feel bad about his/her body and obsess over excessive workouts.

So I’m excited to share a guest post on positive fitness inspiration instagram accounts!

There’s a resurgence of fitspo accounts that can be considered truly inspirational. These fitspirational women celebrate the female body and encourage people to be healthy in great ways, which is why this post is dedicated to these awesome ladies, and all those who are like them.

Gal Gadot (@gal_gadot)

What better way to start this list than with someone who plays an icon of female strength, power, and all-around badassery? On top of her role in last year’s Wonder Woman, the Israeli star also loves working out on her own time and practicing mindful eating, or being fully present during mealtime and not restricting yourself in terms of what you eat.

Follow Gal Gadot for your fill of her workout and makeup routines, alongside silly videos and serious girl power inspiration.

Jessamyn Stanley (@mynameisjessamyn)

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One of the best non-celebrity fitspiration accounts today is by the incredibly talented Jessamyn Stanley, who teaches yoga and promotes body positivity. Harper’s Bazaarshares that Stanley also hosts her own podcast and has written a book called Every Body Yoga.

Follow Jessamyn Stanley to learn that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ body for fitness.

Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba)

This actress and mom of three is also the founder of Honest Beauty – and it shows in her feed. Jessica Alba’s Instagram account not only shows how gorgeous Jessica is, but it also serves as inspiration for women who want to be fit, enjoy family life, and support each other. Alba is very vocal about things she believes in, and is a wonderful feminist inspiration on social media.

Follow Jessica Alba for self-love messages, beauty updates, and endearing photos of her family.

Jess Pack (@plankingforpizza)

Aside from her hilarious Instagram handle, Jess Pack is dedicated to both strength and being true to herself. Promoting body confidence and helping people reach their fitness goals, Pack’s account features motivational quotes, meal planning tips, and wonderful selfies.

Follow Jess Pack for fitness tips and good-old pizza appreciation.

Halle Berry (@halleberry)

Like Jessica Alba, Halle Berry is one of few actresses that have played two superhero characters in their career. Berry’s Instagram features beautifully captured photos of the star’s day-to-day life, along with couples’ workout videos of her and her husband.

Follow Halle Berry for #FitnessFriday posts as well as photos that capture everyday beauty.

Krystal Cantu (@krystalcantu)

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Last but not least is crossfit adaptive athlete Krystal Cantu, for whom a lost arm following a car accident wasn’t a barrier to achieving her dreams. Self Magazine shares that Krystal is truly a testament to the human spirit and an inspiration to all, motivating others to pursue their passion no matter the circumstances.

Follow Krystal Cantu for crossfit photos and even some snaps of her adorable baby boy.

Strength and health, like beauty, are as diverse as the women who embody them. These women show different ways to pursue fitness and health every single day. It’s also worth noting that three of the women above rose to prominence as superheroes, both on screen and in real life. The success of their films and respective careers have resulted in everything from fan videos, merchandise, and even further adaptions in books and games inspired by their characters. For instance, Den of Geek featured the novel Wonder Woman: Warbringer, which highlights not just one, but two strong female characters. The story, which “feels like a tie-in” to Gadot’s film, includes the friendship of Wonder Woman with Alia Keralis, a descendant of Helen of Troy. Similarly, many of the games on the Slingo platform feature female-led titles, with one inspired by the Amazon Princess of Themyscira as well. Regardless of the medium – print, digital or social media – all of these celebrate the wonderful strength of women. In this way, people everywhere are able to appreciate the different ways women can be fit and healthy, serving as an inspiration for everyone.

Do you have any favorite fitspiration accounts on instagram? Let me know in the comments below!

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